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Sugun Thomas Foundation supports passionate & deserving children who are keen to be responsible, resourceful and self-reliable by excelling in education and developing employable skills.

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Thanks to donors, STF has been able to educate and mentor 270+ students. Thanks to you, Sugun Thomas Foundation (STF) has been able to continue supporting the education of deserving students through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Caring During the COVID19 Pandemic

This Year, the Foundation has selected 17 Students who had been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic due to the loss of one or both parents.

stories of HOPE

We are proud to share Meena's journey as a success story, inspiring others to dream big and reach for the stars.

Meena completed school at the Presidency Girls’ Higher Secondary School in Egmore, scoring 1092 out of 1200 (91%) and standing 3rd in her school. She had participated in many extracurricular activities like science quiz competitions, drawing, and sports. Her home is filled with the prizes she has won.

Her father works for a transport company as an assistant. Her mother is a homemaker. Hailing from a modest background, Meena faced financial hurdles that threatened to derail her dream of pursuing higher education. While family support was limited, the support of the STF proved to be a crucial turning point. By providing the necessary financial support, STF enabled Meena to realize her dream of completing her engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) from Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College.

Meena had an incredible career after graduating, landing jobs at renowned firms like Accenture, Infosys, and Cognizant. Meena’s current job at Pfizer as a senior associate is evidence of her perseverance and hard work. Meena can support her entire family now that she has a secure job. She assisted her younger sister in finishing college, and she is currently employed at TNQ Technologies as a quality controller.

She thanks STF for all the support provided to her.

Meena’s story is proof of the transformative power of education and the impact of STF, which not only changes lives but also strengthens communities.

STF has been a blessing in my life for many years and nothing would have been possible without their support. It was on my wish list for a long time to give back to STF. Today, I’m happy to have fulfilled that wish by taking part in the Community Outreach Programs and would like to do the same in the upcoming years & I will continue to show my gratitude in whatever way I can!”


Present situation demands a lot. Let’s discuss.

The recent COVID pandemic situation affected the economic balance of lot of families. The education and job prospects of many deserving students are in question. Now that the admissions processes are in full-swing, our Students need your help. Donations from individual donors and Corporate donors are welcome.