Sugun Thomas Foundation (STF)


We make the best for all our children

What is The Sugun Thomas Foundation?

The Sugun Thomas Foundation is a registered charitable, secular and non-profit Trust, founded in memory of Sugun Thomas by a close circle of his family and friends to social responsibilities with the communities that surround and nurture us.

What is STF’s mission?

The Sugun Thomas Foundation aims to empower disadvantaged children by leveraging their talent and potential through high quality and continuing education, to give them growth and equal development opportunities in today’s competitive environment. In doing so, our commitment is to stimulate interest and engage individuals and institutions in this precious cause of transforming children’s lives & investing in their future.

What kind of donations can I make?

You can donate to sponsor the children we support. Every contribution makes a difference; no amount is in our view too small. The Sugun Thomas Foundation will accept any amount as a donation. The costs include school fees, books and additional tuition support. Sponsorship from the 10th standard through college is expected to cost between Rs. 200,000/- to Rs. 500,000/- per child, depending on the course opted for and the profile of the institution chosen.

Will I get a receipt for the donations made?

Yes you will get a receipt for every contribution made. The Foundation will send you the physical receipt for your contribution by post and also send you the tax exemption certificate. The receipt will specify all your details like name, address, amount paid, mode of payment, issuing bank name, etc.

Will I be entitled to tax exemption?

Yes. All donations are entitled to tax exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

How/where can I get more information on the Foundation and its operations?

Write to us at You can also get in touch through post at the address given on our Contact page. You can not only write in with your queries, but also send in your suggestions and ideas to help us carry on with our mission.

How will I know that my donation has reached the Foundation and contributed to a specific cause?

On receipt of your contribution we will send you a receipt for the same and also send you the Tax exemption certificate. The receipt will acknowledge the contribution.

Will the foundation offer support to causes outside India?

The activities of the Foundation will be confined to India. The benefits of the objectives of the Trust shall be available to the general public irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer by by actively supporting the cause with your contributions, suggestions and in mentoring our children. Please do contact us to know more about how you can help.