Sugun Thomas Foundation (STF)

Sangeetha is a bright and cheerful girl, whose academic performance and positive attitude led to her being selected for a scholarship. After graduation, Sangeetha decided to pursue her dream – a dream of working in a government job. She is now employed by the Indian Postal Service and is working hard to reach a top position in the administrative department. After starting work, Sangeetha has gained confidence and courage. She recalls how sensitive she was to even small setbacks and criticisms. Now work and exposure have given her the confidence to handle all kinds of situations. With the confidence that came from the job and a regular salary, Sangeetha urged her mother, who worked as a maid, to quit her job. Today, her mother stays home and is proud of becoming a Grand mother . Sangeetha has bought a flat of her own & got married to her colleague & has a daughter of a year old Sangeetha acknowledges the role that STF and her mentors have played in giving her the right motivation and encouragement.